Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Digging Deeper

Perhaps I shouldn't have opened my big fat mouth about the lull in the construction project next door because now there is some real loud, awful work happening. I should have just been pleased with the empty dirt lot. I should not have wrinkled my nose at the guy watering down the dirt heap.

Because starting last week, all of the big monster construction equipment started back up. Bulldozers bulldozing. And diggers digging. And all the noise noise noise. And since then, I've woken up all morning to rumblings so loud that I can literally feel the vibrations.

And they get so close to our property that it's scary. Look at the sight of things this morning.


These things are about to knock down our wall. Or dump rocks on someone's head.

Until such a catastrophe occurs, they'll be satisfied just dumping heaps of dirt in our courtyard and into the pool. Every time that stupid beast comes up close, it's little scooper extends over onto our property and chunks of dirt start falling off of it. It's making an unholy mess. So much so that this morning Devin marched over to the construction site and demanded that someone come clean up after themselves.

And you'd think that after 10 days of this shoveling, digging, bulldozing big machine business, the ground would, at last, be prepped to begin some building.

But in reality, there is nothing happening over that wall but a lot of dirt shuffling. They seem to just push it back and forth and back and forth. The ground looks exactly the same as it did before they started back up.

I may have been wrong with my theory that this big production was all to create the correct environment to grow a giant tree from the dirt heap. I'm thinking now that the lot next door is actually just being used as a training facility for new bulldozer drivers.


JenBun said...

You sound like the Grinch!

Bulldozers bulldozing, diggers digging,
wantoozlers toozling,
and all the noise noise noise...

Maybe you should STEAL their bulldozers! ;)

surviving myself said...

Did they clean it up? Because if they did, I bet Devin felt like a badass.

nicoleantoinette said...

See what happens when you complain! Haha, so annoying.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

That bulldozer kind of looks like an animal at the zoo.

Phil said...

Oh weak! The worst part about construction is how early they always seem to start working. Sounds to me like a good punch in the face to one of those bulldozers is in order.