Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Hills Recap: Star-Crossed Lovers

Last week, Heidi's mom came to town to check in on her little blonde angels and see how they were fairing in the big city and with the Big Shitty (Spencer). Her visit brought her to tears as Spencer acted like an asshole and Heidi, quite frustratingly, defended him. "He's not that bad. He's just ruining our lives. And yes, Mom, he has a real job. He's a producer. It's super important."

After witnessing this family drama, big sister Holly decided to launch her plan to reunite Heidi and Lauren, thereby saving the pair and securing her role on The Hills. It's time to put an end to Speidi and move forward with Laurdi. (I don't know yet if it's pronounced Lordy or Lardy. I prefer the latter.)


We join Lauren and Lo in their kitchen.

Lo: Morning, shmoopie!
Lauren: Hey. How's it going?

Lo: Great! I like your new headband. It's like you have a banana on your head.
Lauren: Thanks...what's wrong with your mouth?
Lo: What ever do you mean?
Lauren: It's all red and irritated.
Lo: Oh, right. I was just practicing kissing with the bathroom mirror again. I think Conchita is using some weird new glass cleaner that I'm allergic to. Remind me to leave her a note.

Lauren: Will do. Hey, are you busy later? Holly invited me out for drinks.
Lo: Holly? Again?
Lauren: Is that bad?

And then Lo says something that really confuses me. "Drinks are harmless." Ah, yes, isn't that what everyone's always saying about drinks? How harmless they are. How they never lead to inappropriate behavior, regrettable hookups, accidental divulgence of secret information, unimpressive dance moves, and Sundays wasted hugging a bottle of gatorade and watching Julia Roberts movies on TNT.

Drinks are harmless. Harmless, I tell you!


Heidi and Holly meet up for a nice lunch.

Heidi: (perusing menu) Hmmm. What looks good? Ooo heirloom tomato sal--
Holly: I'm hanging out with Lauren.
Heidi: That's...nice.
Holly: Yeah she is so fun! Don't you think so?
Heidi: If memory serves...
Holly: Yeah we went to breakfast the other day and now we're going to S Bar. I haven't been yet.
Heidi: Why are you telling me all this?

Holly: What? Are you jealous?
Heidi: Yes.
Holly: Excellent...

Meanwhile, Audrina is blissfully unaware of the Laurdi activities. She is out on a date with Colin, a man who is intentionally the opposite of Justin/Bobby.

He is conversational, clean, and lacks that certain horrible something that just makes you want to sleep with him despite your better judgment. (You know what I mean, right? No? Just me. Ok then.)

Colin: I'm really glad you came out with me tonight.
Audrina: Well thanks for asking me out, Justin.
Colin: It's Colin.
Audrina: What is?
Colin: Me. I'm Colin.
Audrina: Duh... Have you had too much to drink or something? You're acting weird.

Colin: No. And even if I did, I'm not a weird drunk. I'm a happy drunk.
Audrina: Justin's a mean drunk. We fight every time. He just gets so bossy. And full of himself. And he starts ordering me around...and it's just so...hot.
Colin: Um.
Audrina: Justin has a shirt just like the one you're wearing. His has a big barbecue sauce stain on the front though.
Colin: Look, I don't know who this Justin character is, but I've had just about enough of him.

Audrina: Oh, Colin, I like when you get angry.

Meanwhile, in another fancy place in Hollywood, Holly is working her plan.


Holly meets Lo and Lauren, who all but burst into tears at the sight of her. And no, not because her hair's so tall, but because she allegedly reminds them so much of Heidi.

Lo: It's uncanny.
Lauren: You're just like her.
Holly: Um...really?

Lauren: Yes. Like twins.
Holly: Hum. That's interesting. You know, these are my real boobs. And everything on my face...it's real.
Lo: That's exactly what Heidi would say.

Lauren: Adorable.
Holly: Ok. So I take it you miss her?
Lauren: Yes.
Lo: Totally.

Holly pulls out a tiny notepad.

Holly: How much would you say you miss Heidi on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "Heidi who?" and 10 being "She completes me"?

Lauren: I'd say about a 7.
Holly: Hmmph.

Holly writes something, then closes her notepad, shoves it back into her purse, and lifts up her drink.

Holly: Well. Cheers!
Lo: Yay I love this part! Cheers!


Holly really timed this out perfectly. She had Heidi write a good old fashioned love letter to Lauren, and then sent it out so that Lauren would get it the morning after Step 3 was put into action.

Lauren brings the note with her to work to get Whitney's opinion on it. Oh yeah, Whitney's on this show. I forgot.

Whitney: What's this?
Lauren: A letter from Heidi.
Whitney: Oh wow. That's crazy. Can I read it?
Lauren: Of course.

Whitney: Dear Lauren. I've been thinkingk about you and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everythingk I did. You're a good friend. I like butterflies, do you like them too? My favorite color is purple. I have a cat named Binxworth. Your friend, Heidi.
Lauren: What should I do?
Whitney: I don't know.
Lauren: Then why are you even in this episode?

Across town and still totally unaware of all things Laurdi, Audrina goes on date #2 with Whats-His-Face.

Colin: How was work?
Audrina: Good. I was tired though. Justin called and I was up all night talking to him.
Colin: Outstanding.

It doesn't take long for Colin to realize that Audrina's too caught up in her old flame to give him a fair chance. He probably should've realized this on the first date, but we can't all be geniuses.

And speaking of geniuses, mastermind Holly is still working feverishly to reunite Lauren and Heidi. She drops by Lauren's house to carry out step 5.


Lauren: Hey new bestie, what's up?
Holly: Just dropping by for a little chat. Get any interesting mail lately?
Lauren: Oddly enough, yes. I got a letter from Heidi.
Holly: You don't say...
Lauren: She said she was sorry. She wants to be friends again.
Holly: And what do you have to say in response?
Lauren: I mean, I want to move on, but--
Holly: Wait! Don't say anything yet. I need to get my notepad.
Lauren: OK...

Holly rummages around in giant purse. Produces her notepad.

Holly: Ready.
Lauren: It's just that I want to punch Spencer in his stupid face. And as long as she's with him, I can't be around her.
Holly: This makes so much sense. I --I can't believe I didn't see this before...
Lauren: Why does she even need to be with him anyway?

Holly: Well some people prefer to be with someone horrid than to be alone.
Lauren: Ha! That's crazy! I'm alone and it's...pssh...awesome. I get to hang out with my friends in my kitchen. I get to go on dates with guys I went to high school with. It rules...
Holly: Yyyyeah. And how certain are you that you'll be friends with Heidi if she ditches Spencer?

Lauren: Very.
Holly: Aaaand if you were to rank that on, say, a scale of 1 to 10?
Lauren: 8.
Holly: Nice. Well I'll just be heading home now.
Lauren: Aren't you gonna stay for dinner?

The next day, Lauren and Audrina convene in their backyard to sunbathe.

Audrina: Hey hey. What's new?
Lauren: I think Holly is plotting to make me be friends with Heidi again.

Audrina: Wow, really? Since when.
Lauren: She started a few days ago. I don't think she knows how obvious she's being.
Audrina: And I missed all of this? Where I have been?
Lauren: Good question. Where have you been?
Audrina: I went on a few dates with some guy. Carl or Gavin or something like that. He was a bartender. Or maybe he built custom coffee tables?

Lauren: Sounds like it's not going so well.
Audrina: I broke it off with him. I just can't stop thinking about Justin. And the way his hair smells.
Lauren: Kinda like tree sap?
Audrina: And cigars. Yeah.
Lauren: So this Carl/Gavin guy? Is he cute? Is he my type?

Audrina: You're kidding, right?
Lauren: Ha! What? Yes! Of course...


Holly: I talked to Lauren again.
Heidi: Good for you.
Holly: No, I mean. I've been doing some detective work and--
Heidi: Nerd.
Holly: Do you want to be friends with her again or not?
Heidi: (sigh) Ok, what's the deal?

Holly: On a scale of 1 to 10 she is just 2 points away from being your friend.
Heidi: Beg your pardon?
Holly: You're so close. All you have to do now is...

Holly trails off, looking at something behind Heidi.

It's Spencer! (Cue sinister cartoon music.)

Spencer: Why are we discussing Lauren? I gave you a list of acceptable discussion topics when you arrived at this apartment, Holly.
Holly: I know, but I have nothing left to say about the jelly fish tank, Les Deux, Batman, or "tight" brunch spots.
Heidi: Spencer, we were just talking about my attempt to fix my friendship with Lauren.
Spencer: Well that ain't gonna happen, not in a million ye--
Holly: Spencer is the reason it won't work! There I said it.
Heidi: That's not true!
Holly: Yes it is! Studies show!
Heidi: Really?

Heidi is quiet for a moment. She looks as though she is about to make an important decision. And then--

Spencer: Forget it, babetard. You're mind.



Kristin said...

Holly: I know, but I have nothing left to say about the jelly fish tank, Les Deux, Batman, or "tight" brunch spots.

Oh lord. I peed a little.

Tia said...

i am in complete agreement with you about the justin bobby thing.

why is he so bad, yet so good?

and once again, FOR THE RECORD, your hills recaps make me feel like i'm wrapped in snuggly rainbows. seriously.

Anonymous said...

As always, so much better than the show could ever hope to be.

Also, is it just me, or are all those blond chicks beginning to look EXACTLY the same?

JenBun said...

He is conversational, clean, and lacks that certain horrible something that just makes you want to sleep with him despite your better judgment. (You know what I mean, right? No? Just me. Ok then.)

Not just you.


LaBellaVida said...

i will never watch the show again. just read these.

Katelin said...

i seriously wanted to throw something at spencer in that episode. it was ridiculous.

surviving myself said...

Are you excited for 'The City?"

If I see Whitney while their filming I'm going to slug her. Just letting you know.

Hollywood Sucker said...

kristin- Oops!

tia- oh im so glad i'm not alone about j/b

peter- They are. They are going to unite to be one megablond.

jenbun- Yes. You, me and Tia will have to fight for him.

bella- But what will you do with all that free time?

katelin- I know! I liked his evil ways for a while...now he is just too much!

surviving- I don't know if I can even watch Whitney's show. She is intensely boring.

Anonymous said...

I wish Spencer would crawl into a hole....he was a butthead to her momma, now that is what I call a looser with a capitol "L", Heidi's mom should have taken him out right there at that little cafe on the street!

I love you recaps BTW!

brandy said...

I actually gasped when Spencer walked in. The dude is bad news. All he needs is the mustache he can twirl when he's rude to other people. I suspect the only reason that Heidi doesn't have a puppy is because Spencer is so evil he would kick it on a regular basis.

Holly said...

Hahahaha, that was hilarious!

Hollywood Sucker said...

becky- I know! He is becoming so unlikeable. I wanted him to be the guy I love to hate. Now I just hate him.

brandy- He'd probably just torment the puppy with his controlling behavior.

holly- Thanks, Holly!

mindy said...

Binxworth is going to be the name of my next cat. That is fantastic.

And who the fuck is this Holly character?