Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Hills Recap: The One Where Spencer Starts To Grow On Me

We'll begin with the first of the two episodes to air Monday night. (By the way, this double episode madness ends next week when The Paper, a show about high school nerds-- Yippee! At last I can relate to something! --premieres at 10:30.)

So in the episode from last week that I didn't cover--which was boring anyway--Lauren and Stephanie became better friends. Here they are hugging in last night's episode after Lauren invites her new pal to her birthday party at something called S Bar. Stephanie is worried that Spencer will be pissed if she attends the festivities, but we all know where this is going...

And then they part ways.

I just wanted to show you this picture because I realize that if I ever accidentally wandered into the shot when The Hills was being taped, I'd probably look like that sad sack in the background. [Note to self: dress better when in public just in case you come across the Hills cast when they're taping.] [Other note to self: Don't worry about original note. We both know I don't go anywhere cool enough that I might actually encounter the Hills cast.]

Across town, Heidi is ODDLY ENOUGH, not actually at work, but instead lounging around in her house in a dress that is a replica of one that came in the party clothes wardrobe of my Jem doll, circa 1987.

Spencer comes over to get the rest of his stuff. We know this because Heidi greets him with, "So, are you here to get your stuff?"

Now, here's where I start to like Spencer.

He begins the exchange with (and I'm paraphrasing), "So are we together?"
Heidi: Are you saying you want to date other people?
Spencer: No. I'm asking if we're broken up.
Heidi: Because if you want to go out with other girls that's fine.
Spencer: Are we even going out?
Heidi: Because I know I kicked you out of your own apartment and I'm being a total bitch and that we never spend any time together, but that doesn't mean that you should see other people.
Spencer: Yeah...
Heidi: Ok, you can go now.

I don't really know who MTV wants us to side with here, but I certainly don't care what Heidi's problem is any more. And, I know this might sound weak coming from someone who's made a lot of bad decisions in her own love life, but Heidi, come on, what did you think was going to happen? Of course Spencer is moving on. There are, for some reason, lots of other girls who would love to go out with him. So if you're just going to sit around with your long face, which only gets longer when you mope, he's bound to get over you and your lameness.

Anyway, Lauren and Lo put on stupid hats and pre-game before Lauren's birthday party. They have a chat about how Stephanie might come to the party tonight and blah blah blah. Since the actual conversation is so boring, I've just decided to make up another one.

Lauren: So, are my bangs straight enough? Because I wanted the rest of my hair to say Pollyanna, but I wanted my bangs to mean business.
Lo: Oh totally. You look beautiful. Thank you for bringing me tonight. Happy birthday!!
Lauren: Calm down.
Lo: Sorry! I'm just so excited that we're hanging out. And that we have this time alone. Where's Audrina anyway?
Lauren: I don't know she probably just fell asleep standing up somewhere.

Lo: Yeah! Screw her!
Lauren: I see you put on makeup today.
Lo: YES! A special occasion. Hanging out with my best friend!
Lauren: We're not best friends. Seriously, calm down.
Lo: Sure! Whatever you say! I thought about brushing my hair today, but then I didn't 'cause I didn't want to take attention away from your hair.
Lauren: Good thinking. I spent 4 hours curling it today.

In another apartment, Stephanie is just getting home from a long day of classes, sporting a totally different outfit and hairstyle than she was when she talked to Lauren in the morning.

She is disturbed to see that Spencer has made a mess of the place, and that he brought in his notorious jelly aquarium. She's had enough of him crashing with her and so she asks him, "When are you going to look for a new apartment? And a job?"

Woah woah woah, Steph. A job? Do you even know your own brother? Spencer doesn't have jobs. Ever.

Overall, the conversation in this scene is simply hilarious and I realize that I may have underestimated Spencer.

[Actual conversation]
Stephanie: Spencer, this isn't your apartment. This is mine.
Spencer: It's not an apartment, it's a condo. (Puts food in mouth.)
Stephanie: What are you doing with your life?
Spencer: (mocking) What are you doing with your life?
Stephanie: I'm serious.
Spencer: (Holding up cup full of lip glosses) What are these? What are they doing in your kitchen?
Stephanie: I'm doing you a really big favor.
Spencer: You're doing me a really big favor by letting me sleep on your couch when you have two bedrooms, and one of your bedrooms just has clothes in it.
Stephanie: I've been so cool about this.
Spencer: When does the maid come?
Stephanie: You're looking at her.
Spencer: Well, she needs to get to the sheets on my couch.
Stephanie: (Exasperated stare at Spencer)
Spencer: Well, my dear, I'm going to watch 24, so I would like my bedroom please. (gestures for Stephanie to exit)

Eager to get away from her big brother, Stephanie and some girl named Roxy (give me a break) head to Lauren's party. Manning the door is Heidi's lame minion, Kimberly. As she checks off Stephanie +1 on the guest list, you can just see her bursting with excitement, thinking of how she will get to tell Heidi all about this betrayal she's spotted!

Inside, the girls are showing off all of their awesome, sexy dance moves.

Don't lose your top, Lauren!

And then Stephanie shows up... dun dun duuuuuun!

Immediately, the gang breaks off into two factions who have whisper-yell conversations about the topic at hand. There are those who oppose the Stephanie/Lauren peace accord:

And those who are for it:

But it doesn't really matter what anyone says, because technically Lauren is still driving this bus, and so everyone has to start getting along merrily.

And Heidi's not going to like it.

This is her new space age special jacket which reflects sunlight onto her face and hair, keeping her tanned and bleachy blonde at all times.

While she's sitting in her pretend office, Kimberly drops by to report the previous evening's events.

Recreation of the conversation, sort of:
Kimberly: Last night I was working at S Bar...
Heidi: I know, because I assigned you to work there. I'm the boss, remember?
Kimberly: Right...Anyway, Stephanie was there for Lauren's birthday party.
Heidi: No!
Kimberly: Yes.
Heidi: No!
Kimberly: Yes.
Heidi: Damn her. Well, thanks for telling me.
Kimberly: Of course.
Heidi: And I see you got the memo I sent out, asking all of the other female employees to wear grandma muumuus so I would be the prettiest. Thanks for following directions.
Kimberly: No problem.

After Kimberly leaves, Heidi calls Spencer.
Heidi: Stephanie went to Lauren's birthday party last night.
Spencer: No!
Heidi: Yes!
Spence: No!

So later, Spencer takes it all out on Stephanie and makes her cry. During the argument she begs him to stop having enemies. This is probably pretty good advice, Spence, seeing as your only friend left is Heidi, and she isn't even speaking to you, except when she needs to call to tell you what a bitch Lauren is. Again.

To avoid getting on Heidi's bad side too, Stephanie heads over to her apartment to try to smooth things over.

Heidi: Stephanie, why can't you follow your attire memos as well as the girls at the office? Yes, I said we're going to wear gray stiripes today, but I specifically said you can NEVER be sparklier than me.
Stephanie: Whatever. I came here to talk about my friendship with Lauren.

But of course Heidi just wants to be petty and hold a grudge because it gives her something to think about between pretend meetings at fake work.

So the episode wraps up, and the two girls resolve nothing. Commence meaningful silence:



Katelin said...

I absolutely love your Hills recaps. Seriously, we think alike in so many ways (but you are much wittier, haha)

Inono said...

My favorite part of the episode was as Kimberly was leaving Heidi's "office."

Kimberly: Ok, I'm gonna get back to work, Coachella is coming up."

Heidi: "Yes, I'll schedule that."

Schedule that?? Its a giant three day festival held the same time every year. What do you mean "schedule that??"

apricot. said...

Okay; I think someone on The Hills needs to be offed. Maybe THEN I would watch this horrible show. & this is why:

I remember watching The OC when it first came out & it was amazing, but by season 2 it was just donezo; it was going around in circles & I had no desire to watch. But... when they started killing people off -- not sure when "Coop" left or whatever -- I was like, whoa... they've got balls to switch it up just a little bit. It bought them at least 2 more seasons.

If I had the choice to see someone go, I think it should be Lauren & then Heidi could be queen bee fashionista & could continue to dazzle us with her amazing musical skills & her intelligent schemes!

but that's just me. :]

surviving myself said...

whatever happened to the girl who looked exactly like LC? You know, on the show before this one?

She was kinda hot.

mindy said...

Did you hear that John McCain actually said that Heidi Montag is a "very talented actress"? If that isn't reason enough to not vote for him, I don't know what is.

Mano said...

Whitney sure knows how to get down! The LC/Steph thing is beyond phoney (even for The Hills) and I have to agree that Spencer's arrogance was mildly attractive this episode. I would like to see Spencer actually get in a fist fight this season, perhaps in "Operation: Win Back Heidi" - that'd be awesome!

JenBun said...

I do NOT get the appeal of this show...

... but I DO like your re-caps... and I suspect they are much wittier than the show itself, so I tune in every week! :)

Kristen said...

Those crazy "Hills" people best get their asses to Runyan Canyon to let some steam off, get some fresh air, and perhaps even fall off a friggin' cliff!

Winter said...

So much better than real tv.

That Saddity Chic said...

I love the made up conversation between Lauren and Lo LMAO!

Anonymous said...

lol, great recap!! totally <3 the hills. i love spencer's line "you're making yourSELF cry thinking about what you did". and the conversation between him and heidi about seeing other people. LOL!

Just another silly girl said...

love these recaps. seriously. and soon, I might be losing cable (the horror!) so I might have to rely on these as my sole means of communication with the hills.

did you see the previews for next week? audrin-duh is so back in with the heidster. lc is going to flip shit.

I'm sad that I can write that paragraph.

Hollywood Sucker said...

katelin- Well thanks. And I don't think I'm wittier, I just think I have too much time on my hands.

inono- I didn't even notice that. I think I was too busy looking at Kimberly's dumb dress.

apricot- Good idea! Are you allowed to kill "reality" stars? Because then they'd have to actually die...and I don't really want them dead.

surviving- You mean Kristen Cavallari? She's an "actress" now.

mindy- I know! And I can't believe Heidi is voting for him. No, I mean, I can believe it. It's like she's trying to make people hate her.

mono- I love that Spencer gives names to his plans. He must be really excited when he actually does something besides playing video games, and so he names his activities. The Mission To Pick Up Dinner at Whole Foods.

jenbun- You're better off skipping the show. I can barely sit through it these days.

kristen- I agree. Whitney went there once with her trainer on the show. As I recall.

winter- By real TV did you mean news? Because it is better than the news, but it makes me think less of myself that I feel this way!

saddity- Oh good!

jess- I almost forgot about that line. Damn he was good in this episode.

silly girl- I'm mad Audrina is back in a lot of scenes. I find her to be so dull. I'd prefer more time with Stephanie, my new favorite person.

Anonymous said...

no more hills recaps =[

your actual life is more interesting.

and i also hate those blonde skanks. i dont know why. i guess its because they're talentless.

Tia said...

ok, so don't get me wrong, i totally watch the hills too. and i'll never stop.

but this show is getting so dumb that it is LITERALLY STARTING TO HURT MY BRAIN.

surviving myself said...


Damsel in Digress said...

i cannot believe i am just now finding your blog but holy hell. i could not stop dying from my inability to breathe while laughing so hard during this whole recap. i plan to devour your entire blog. like right now. when i should be preparing for real (and unfortunately not fake, like heidi. or her meetings. or her boobs) meetings.