Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm ripping myself off

By posting something here that I already posted on facebook last night. It's one of those 25 Things About Me lists that are going around. I avoided doing one for like, 1.5 days, and then I gave in. I used to hold out longer. I'm getting weak.

Anyway, apologies for the unoriginal material, but I've been sucked into a work cocoon yet again this week so I'm doing my best. Also, does this make up for the meme's I never did on my blog? I'm just trying to take up space, people.

1. I ate too much pizza for dinner.

2. There's nothing good on TV tonight.

3. Devin thinks it's annoying I'm doing this list right now. He just said, "Aw, no. Don't..." But I think tomorrow he will read this.

4. I'm really into flossing lately.

5. If I want a guy at a bar to stop talking to me, I start talking about my favorite cereals.

6. I don't really like swimming, particularly in the ocean. There are sharks. And jelly fish. And floating bits of garbage.

7. I want to be the sort of person who likes tea, but I prefer coffee.

8. I just did my taxes. I couldn't help but note how much money I spent on alcohol this year.

9. I haven't washed the dishes in 5 days. The laundry in 3 weeks. My car in 7 months.

10. Sometimes I pretend I'm really preoccupied with wedding planning, but really I have nothing else to talk about.

11. I feel threatened by people who can memorize a lot of facts about particular bands or singers. I know which songs I like, but I'm not sure that's enough, sometimes.

12. I just glanced up and gave the news 2 minutes to draw me in, but I don't know what Rachel Maddow is talking about, so here we are.

13. I don't know when my favorite color became red, but it is now. It used to be purple. For a little while I would tell people pink, but I have no idea why I did that. Pink's a pretty lousy color.

14. I've watched "Vacation" 2 times in the past 10 days.

15. The other week I was watching a documentary about gangs in L.A. and I had to look up South Central on google maps.

16. If I had the chance to marry George Clooney, I totally would, even though I think he'd probably cheat on me. But then I think that I could also cheat on him and we'd be even. And I think my position as Mrs. Clooney would help me attract a lot of hot suitors because I think guys would probably have a thought like "If I can bang George Clooney's wife, I must be as hot as he is."

17. I don't remember the last time I ate a vegetable. I'm probably dying.

18. In any given week, I actually get plenty of sleep, but I always have to say that I'm tired to fit in with everyone else.

19. There's a good possibility that I'm irreversible scarred from high school experiences. But saying something like that makes me sound like a loser.

20. I would pay any amount of money to hear my pets talk for a day. And if I could find a way to make animals talk forever, then I wouldn't have to have kids.

21. I think I'd look pretty lousy as a blond, but then I wonder if I should just try it to say I did it.

22. No one ever really reads these things. People just enjoy writing them. That's not exactly a fact about me, but really, it's a fact about facebook users in general, and therefore sort of a fact about me.

23. I like elephants, but everyone already knows that about me.

24. Between my broken digital camera and carelessness with digital photo saving, in the future I will have no photographic evidence of my life from ages 17-26. So if my grandchildren and I can't look at pictures, we'll have to do a jigsaw puzzle.

25. I like jigsaw puzzles, but I'd never buy one for myself. Hopefully I'll get one as a gift.


surviving myself said...

Still nothing about me.

lucklys said...

i also think i would look awful as a blonde, but want to try it just to say i did it. someday...

Jillian said...

I fucking love your blog!

Katelin said...

as much as i love the beach, i am always so scared of swimming in the ocean. sea life freaks me out. shudder.

Amanda said...

I think you would make an excellent Mrs. Clooney...

And if you figure out a way to get pets to talk, please share that information with the blog world.

nicoleantoinette said...

Ha, and pink is MY favorite color. Not to wear or anything, just.. in general? I think?

Damn it. Now I'm reconsidering.

Carina the Blogarina said...

And did he read it? Devin, that's a great name! I never heard it before.

Why do you want to the type of person who like tea? What type is that? I love tea. Apple and cinnamon is my favorite.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

The cereal thing is fucking gold. I must try this immediately.

JenBun said...

Dear Mrs. Clooney-- I too think the cereal-talking in bars is hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing picturing you in a bar, desperate to make some loser go away, talking about Lucky Charms and Rice Crispies!! :D

lizziebelle said...

number 17 is my favorite, and not because 17 is my lucky number

17. I don't remember the last time I ate a vegetable. I'm probably dying.

pingarom is my word verification.