Monday, April 6, 2009

The Hills Premiere- Cheers & Jeers

CHEERS: No Holly scenes.
JEERS: Darlene scenes.  Why?   

CHEERS: Spencer hits like a girl.
JEERS: Spencer's shiny skin reflects bright scene lighting and may have caused me permanent retinal damage.

CHEERS: Back to back episodes.
JEERS: Control freak MTV not posting episodes online until 3pm EST tomorrow, delaying my recap.


Julie_Gong said...

i totally forgot about the hills being on. i had class anyway but still. looks like i have something to do at work today.

Aartee said...

oh our TV isn't working so I didn't get to see it...looking forward to the recap though!

DinnerWithLove said...

Your recap will be much better than the show actually was (as always).

stealthnerd said...

Oh man, I'm so glad it's back!! To be honest though, I kind of miss the after show.

Katelin said...

haha oh man it was ridiculous. seriously ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It was such a good two episodes! Everyone finally opened up and said what they were thinking. I was very proud of Lauren for taking charge!

I can't believe this is the end...

- Anne

Hollywood Sucker said...

Julie- You should have just ended your comment after the word class. I missed The Hills. I have class.

Aartee- This is a bad time for a busted TV!

Dinner- Thanks! Also your name rocks. Dinner with love....I love dinner.

stealthnerd- Isn't it available online?

katelin- I know. It's becoming a little unbearable. Ok, a LOT unbearable.

anonymous anne- I like how serious your comments are about this!