Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble gobble

For the fifth Thanksgiving in a row, I've managed to be too drunk to appreciate my dinner.

Indeed, since I moved to Los Angeles and began celebrating with my friends instead of my family, this holiday's become more about the morning-to-afternoon-to-evening drinking. Bloody marys and mimosas in the morning. Beer and wine in the afternoon. And then by the evening someone gets the terrible idea to break open the whiskey and have a few shots.

This year about 25 of us gathered at the house my friend Ryan is house sitting (don't worry, the owners of the property are aware of, and in fact encourage, our parties there). The weather was great and I spent the day sipping wine, snacking on things, and being cute and sweet to Devin (much to his surprise).

Occasionally I wandered into the kitchen, where two of my friends had been cooking tirelessly. I felt bad about it and offered to help, and usually they'd request I go outside to fetch them more drinks. As it got closer to dinner time (which could have been 3 or 5:40 or 9:15...I have no clue), I made the big dish of sweet potatoes. This and dinner rolls were my assigned foods. Things went well until I had to take the pan out of the oven, at which point the thin, disposable metal pan sort of buckled in the middle and a wave of sweet potato juice rushed over the side, spread over the open oven door, and then fell onto the floor and my feet. I shrieked and then stood there uselessly until someone rushed to my aid. To my surprise, my feet weren't burnt, just sticky. It only took a minute to clean up, but I think the hassle I caused was enough to keep me out of the kitchen for the rest of the day.

All in all it was a great party and I loved spending time with all of my friends. Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Barry, our resident photographer.

This is Barry:

Yes, the party had it all!

Construction paper feather headdresses.

Seamus! (Who refused to wear the headdress, but looked handsome nevertheless.)

Fabulous chefs!

Cute boys!

And after dinner hot tub action!


surviving myself said...

That hot tub pic looks like something out of The Hills. Are you not telling us something?

Katelin said...

minus the sweet potato incident, looks like a fun time. and i agree with chris, are you sure you weren't taping the hills?

rs27 said...

This is how every LA thanksgiving is.

Wait we didn't have a hot tub though. Next year.

Hollywood Sucker said...

surviving- Other people besides Lauren Conrad are allowed to be in hot tubs. She can't have everything!

katelin- Believe me...nothing about my life should ever be confused with The Hills.

rs27- Next year I hope to outdo that with a water slide and a special guest DJ from NYC.

JenBun said...

Seamus is a handsome boy.

So is this Barry fellow...



(Also? Glad you had a great drunk Thanksgiving! Also also? I'm hanging with you next year!)

nicoleantoinette said...

Are you aware of the LA blogger's meetup this Friday??

You should 1 million percent go.

Because I'll be there and I think it's definitely time we meet in person.

Bring a headdress. I'll wear it.

Julie_Gong said...

i'm jealous of your headdresses!

Jack and Jill said...

I wish I had been drunk for Thanksgiving. That sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the paper feather headdresses!

Not only is our thanksgiving early, but we also don't so much do the headdress type stuff.

I am going to make some calls to see if I can get that changed.

miss clover said...

Wait. LA bloggers met up and didn't invite me? i'm crushed. and here i was just going to comment how much i like thanksgiving and booze.