Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolution FAIL

"Oh hi.  Hope you had a good holiday!"  is what I find myself saying to everyone lately.  And now I'm saying it to you.

Well.  Here we are, friends.  The end of yet another year.  Of course, it never feels like much of a milestone to me.  I don't think I measure my life in days, months and years.  So I don't know if this year was a good one, but I know that things lately feel pretty darn great.

Still, there is something to be said for giving yourself a moment to reflect on the events of your life.  And for the plans that you've made, the plans that you've stuck to and the plans that evaporated into thin air while you were watching The Hills.  

Last year I made a hearty list of resolutions and, in an attempt to hold myself accountable, I published that list on my blog.  

Let's see how I did:

1. No more starbucks mochas. 
I had one today!  And one last week!  And the peppermint ones are only available during the holiday season so it's only logical that I need to drink as many as possible.  

2. Drink only 1-2 glasses of wine per night.
Actually, I did manage to achieve this.  And some nights I don't even have any!  I don't know if this is because of any real effort on my part or because I'm getting old and I can't overindulge like I used to.  

3. Stop interrupting people when they talk just because I think I have something so witty to say that it simply cannot wait.
I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have not made any improvement in this area.  

4. Stop writing blog while at work. It's not professional.
Yes!  Mainly because my job got so busy that I no longer have time.  But I'm counting it anyway! 

5. Only have cheese in one meal per day.
To be honest, I forgot about this resolution entirely. 

6. Quit acting like "party cigarettes" means something and just stop smoking altogether.
Okay, well, I haven't exactly quit quit.  But I'm capable of going weeks at a time without a cigarette, so that's gotta mean I'm not a hopeless case.

7. Stop telling my coworkers stories about my cats, it makes me look super lame.
I think I've gotten worse.  I now also email them pictures of cute cats I find online.  And tell them stories about my dog.  And about my dog and cats interacting together.  

8. Join gym.

9. Go to gym.

10. Read a biography of Oscar Wilde.
I haven't...yet.  But I do have tickets to see The Importance Of Being Earnest.  

11. Read James Joyce's "Ulysses" so that I can tell people I'm reading it.
I don't even know why I said this in the first place.  Like, really.  I can't remember what this was about.  

12. Learn how to play poker.
Nope.  But I did learn that it's fun to hang out with your girlfriends on a weekly basis and call it "poker night."

13. Make jazz the new thing that I'm into.
I think this was a joke.  I always say I want to get into jazz because I want that interest the same way that I want to become someone who knows a lot about yoga and exotic herbal teas.  It's an insincere desire to be someone I'm not and probably never will be. 

14. Get car washed more than twice.
I believe I've washed my car three times this year.  So...yay for baby steps.

15. When complimented on clothing, don't say "Oh, it's just from Target."
I rarely get compliments on my outfits any more, so this problem solved itself.

I admit, this doesn't look like a big heap of success.  But, I'm okay with that.  Because I've never been the sort of person to stick to her resolutions.  So, at the very least, in 2008 I stayed true to myself.  


Rebekah said...

3, 4, and 15. I should do those. But isn't 15 kind of cool? Really, in the sad state of American economy, can't we brag about fabulous shopping finds? Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

Cute post! I've slowly learned, towards the end of the year, that being true to yourself IS the most important thing. Hope you had a nice holiday. It's Kristen :>). Miss ya!

nicoleantoinette said...

I would fail miserably with that one about cheese.

JenBun said...

If you're already AWESOME, why mess with perfection??? :)

miss clover said...

your resolutions were really hard. i would have failed too.

mindy said...

That's a whole lot of resolutions!

I usually make only one or two because anything more than that and I'm screwed. You should try it! AIM LOW, I always say!

Riff Dog said...

I don't know which resolutions you plan to carry over for 2009, but if you want my advice, skip the jazz one. Maybe substitute blues instead, but even that might make you annoying.

Mind you, I happen to love both jazz and blue, but people who who are really "into" either one tend to pretty annoying. Myself included. Trust me, you don't wanna be like me.

surviving myself said...

Ari has the same problem with "party cigs." Drives me insane.

Sharon, The Queen Blogger said...

I loved, loved, loved your list with updates! What a totally great idea. I think I might try it and then see how I do next year. If I do take that leap, I'll be sure to give you credit.

Katelin said...

i think i've gotten my car professionally washed once since i've owned it. other than that i pay my little brothers, so not the same, haha. as for that cheese resolution...that would be near impossible for me, i love cheese.

Hollywood Sucker said...

rebekah- My personal economy has always been in a sad state...

anonymous- I got to hang out with you over the weekend!

nicole- We should have a cheese party. Next LA Blogger event?

Jenbun- That's what I've been trying to tell everyone.

miss clover- Yes this year I will aim way way low.

Mindy- My theory was the more I make, the better chance i have of keeping one. Clearly, a bad theory.

Riff- While I'm sure you're fabulous, you're right about skipping jazz. Eff jazz.

surviving- But they make us look so cool.

Sharon- Do it! As long as you aren't like me, you'll see all of your progress.

Katelin- See my comment to nicole.

Greg said...

Not too shabby... you lost me at mocha. Damn delicious drink.