Thursday, February 26, 2009


I deleted my previous post. Even though I thought it was a cute little joke about how I never think things through and how I can be won over by a stuffed animal, it seems an unintended reader did not get the punchline. And now I feel all paranoid and weirded out. Maybe I shouldn't, but I guess I'm just a sensitive gal.

The only person I ever really make fun of on this blog is myself. (And the cast of The Hills, but I've been a little too easy on them lately.)

I think my complaint is that I've been having a hard time coping with life lately, and now I can't even come to my blog and be myself.


Felicia said...

Fuck unintended readers!

Katelin said...

i thought it was a funny post, i laughed.

and really the hills girls deserve to be berated, so go at it, please!

Amanda said...

Ugh! Stupid unintended readers. I thought it was an excellent post. If you can't be yourself on your blog, where can you?

DunDun said...

Silly person, just ignore them, i totally got the stuffed animal, i mean i have been won over by a lot less, i mean really.

Besides it had on a bandanna and it sings!! That's totally cool!!

Losing It said...

Just wanted to let you know that I read your last post yesterday. And, like 2 hours later, the Aflac lady came to my office. AND she had a stuffed duck that talked. And I thought of you.
Fuck the haters, I love your blog.

devin said...

I should show up at Aflac and stalk that mother fucker.

Dawg said...

Awww I liked that blog.

Screw the people who have zero sense of humor!