Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrubs Stuff

Hi there! Exciting news items-

1. Another installment of Scrubs webisode series "Interns" written by Devin is available for your viewing pleasure here.

2. Tonight at 9:30pm on ABC is the Scrubs episode written by Devin! Tune in or set your tivos. It's gonna be a good one!


Amanda said...

That's so exciting! Scrubs is one of my must watch shows, and I should tell you, I have very high TV taste :)

surviving myself said...

That is so cool.

Congrats to Devin.

Katelin said...

okay that is so awesome. matt and i love scrubs. nice job devin.

JenBun said...


I'm ready to watch! :D

Riff Dog said...

Congrats! I did see that one and honestly, it was one of their better episodes. :)