Monday, June 8, 2009

For Those Of You Who Might Be Interested

We're now less than 4 months away from the wedding. This is fantastic. And not just because I'm very excited for the big day (and even more excited to go to Hawaii afterwards), but also because I'll be glad to finally shut up about my wedding plans. Honestly, I hear myself yapping away and I think, "Dear god, woman. Stop talking about this at once!"

Aware that not everyone wants to hear every teency weency detail about it, I wait until someone asks me, "How's everything going with the wedding plans?" And then the poor souls are forced to listen to my debate over using an 8 person table versus a 10 person table. About why I'm not going to decorate with flowers and what I'll do as a centerpiece instead. I'll shove invitation samples in their faces and cringe as I hear myself saying "I like the shape and overall design of this one, but with this font, but with white ink. And I prefer this shade of red for the paper over this shade, but it's only offered on this particular design and I just thought the RSVP cards were too much."

WHAT?! How have I turned into this?

I assure you, and I am positive that friends will agree, I have in no way been a bridezilla. In fact, there are a lot of things I just haven't really cared much about. I mostly just want to make decisions as quickly as possible and then move onto the next task. As it stands, I have nearly everything done. Last night, I even made reservations for the rehearsal dinner.

The whole planning process started off really fun. It's been kind of a hobby, more than a chore. At first, I wanted my wedding to be as unique as possible. I didn't want to do anything that anyone else had done in the history of weddings. (A feat I soon learned would be impossible unless I could some how organize a wedding reception on the moon.) As time went on, and I realized everything costs a butt-loving load of money, I switched gears and just looked for the cheapest way to do everything.

But lately, since I have lost all motivation, I just want to throw money at the easiest solution.

I think all of my angst is owing to the foolishly long engagement period. I know, 16 months doesn't seem like that long. I sure didn't think it would be when we set the date. But now that a whole year has come and gone I am pulling my hair out. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?

Next weekend we'll be going to the wedding of a couple whose entire relationship, from first date to wedding day, has taken place during the 4ish years Devin and I have been together. We also went to a wedding this past October for a couple with the same scenario. And all the while, I'm just over here, figuring out hairstyles and designing centerpiece mockups. When will it be my turn?


JenBun said...


I always say I would have a long engagement, but who really knows? I don't really like planning any of that stuff, so maybe it would all just drive me insane too!

But I like hearing about your details... if you're only going to do it once, do it right and don't worry about talking about it-- it's your day! (That's probably annoying to hear too, huh?) :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto Jen's comment. I love hearing all the details (partially for selfish reasons - I can then dream of what I would do for my wedding), plus its always helpful to verbalize things you're not sure about.

I also selfishly wish your wedding was taking place on the moon, so I could bounce around!

- Anne

Katelin said...

by the time we get married it's going to be 16 months too and i have a feeling i'll have most of my stuff planned and ready well before the wedding (then again i could totally procrastinate, haha). but yay i'm so excited for you and i'm so excited to start planning my own it's silly.

Aartee said...

Enjoy every minute because it seems like forever right now but it will go by SO fast...we had a litle over a year between our engagement and our wedding...planning a big 3 day Indian wedding was so crazy but now it feels like it never happened!

surviving myself said...

I know exactly what you're going through.

Well, Ari does mostly.

DinnerWithLove said...

you're in the home stretch! no matter what you decide on for any aspect, it's going to be an amazing day because you two kick ass.

miss minneapolis said...

I think eloping is the best way to do things. Except you don't get all the presents...but you also don't spend all the money. And not as many people can see you in your kickass dress looking all hot and shit. Hm. This is a tough call. Anyway, only 4 months left?? SEems like it wasn't that long ago you were getting engaged!