Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My laptop battery is dying so I'll keep it short

Made it back from our trip in one piece. We nearly got arrested in the airport on the way there, and we (along with several other wedding guests) were accused of ruining South Dakota, whatever that means...

Actually, I do know what that means, sort of. At least I'm pretty sure Devin's not welcome back to the state after his performance at the wedding reception and his speech which the country club management called "the most vulgar thing they'd ever heard."

Not that I'm in a hurry to go back anyway, as I suspect South Dakota is inside a biodome because it doesn't get dark there until 10pm. I'm not exaggerating. What the H is going on?

Lastly, you can smoke in bars there, which just feels feels wrong. So wrong that it feels right. And I couldn't help but enjoy the novelty of the situation by chain smoking like a scary grandmother. My lungs beg me never to return.


Felicia said...

How the fuck do you ruin South Dakota??? Gross! That place hasn't had a chance for a LONG TIME! HA!

miss minneapolis said...

Hahaha. Summer in the Dakotas is kind of cool because of the whole extended daylight thing.

You can come to ND anytime. SD is WAY LESS COOL.

PS. Do you have a copy of Devin's speech?

sanely insane said...

tht was a nice summary....'my lungs beg me never to return' LOL :P