Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Showering With Others

I always knew that somewhere in this whole 16 total months of wedding pre-game coverage there was going to be a bridal shower. This made me nervous. I hadn't actually been the center of the extended family's attention since my college graduation/moving-to-California party. And that was rough! Trying to talk about my plans with each person individually, trying not to crack the same joke over and over again, trying to fight the urge to get another margarita even though I might be too buzzed to talk to the elderly.

I prefer to live without being that aware of myself. I don't like to have a clue what I'm doing or saying.

Still, as my mother and sister launched into planning the shower, I began to look forward to it. There would be finger foods! And colorful decorations! And a magician!

Wait, what?

Yes, Mom booked a magician that she'd seen at a local comedy club. His act really impressed her, and this blew me away because it is impossible to impress my mother. He also apparently had something of a potty mouth, and the thought of him swearing like a sailor in a room full of women was both creepy and intriguing.

And so the whole shower took on a theme my mother called "The Magic of Love." I know, it's precious.

There were rabbit-in-hat centerpieces.

Rabbit-in-hat party favors.

And a giant chocolate cake, which incorporated two kissing white rabbit cookies.

I narrowly missed the white rabbit cookie decorating fiasco, which took place the night before I flew into town. Apparently some non-hardening icing left my father and sister very frustrated when trying to decorate some 60 cookies.

My college friends Rachael and Yasi drove up from New York to hang out. I was ridiculously excited to see them. Of course, because we are all old people now, we went to bed about 20 minutes after they arrived. The next morning they worked with me to create this fruit kabob monster-thing. They stabbed themselves with sticks putting the fruit on, and then I stabbed the sticks into a watermelon's shell.

After that, Rachael, who is a brilliant photographer, went outside with me to take some pictures. I decided to help her by making a complete ass of myself and being un-photographable.

Eventually, I stood still. Look, I can pose nicely!

By 2pm, the party was in full swing. And because I am popular, the party had a great turnout.

I like this picture for 3 reasons:
1. I look crazy.
2. No one in the whole room is talking to me.
3. I'm one of only 2 people holding a drink.

Once I was feeling a little loopy, it was time to open presents in front of 30 people. This was terrifying. I wanted to show them how genuinely grateful I was without looking fake since I had to say the same thing over and over and over.

Oh, and you know how most people will tell you they look their worst when they've just woken up? Apparently I'm at my worst when opening presents. Good grief.

That's my lovely friend and bridesmaid Jackie helping me keep a list of who gave me what.

Once the gifts were opened and everyone was properly thanked, I had a lovely bow & ribbon bouquet, made by Devin's sisters.

Time to take pictures with it!

While I was outside frolicking, my mother was watching from the kitchen window and was heard saying, "Oh look. My daughter's been drinking."

Stay classy.

UPDATE: I was so busy trying to be clever that I actually forgot to tell you that the magician didn't show up! He didn't even call to cancel. It was probably for the best, since we were having such a good time without him.


Anonymous said...

Soooooo just how foul-mouthed was a the magician?

Anonymous said...

- ps An extra "a" got in there somehow.

-pps My word verification dealie was "reampapi" which sounds like it should be mentioned following, "Tonight on Telemundo After Dark..."

devin said...

How do you leave out the part where the magician doesn't show up? Or maybe he showed up drunk and your father punched him in the face. Like in Parenthood. And Uncle Buck. And just about every other movie where a magician and/or clown is supposed to be at a party.

Meghan said...

I liked the finger foods. And the booze drinks. Oh, and especially the darts. And also, I wish I had known the potty-mouthed magician wasn't going to show, 'cause I gladly would have gotten drunk, sworn a lot, stolen some shit and/or punched someone in the face (most likely Devin, seeing as he's my nemesis and all)

Felicia said...

Hot dress!! And I always say I hate showers, etc. but after attending a funeral the other day I've changed my mind. Not that I've never attended a funeral before but I had a shower just a few days before that so it put it in perspective.

cOm said...

I. for what it's worth, i would have talked to you in the above picture. It looks like I was in the bathroom. Again... having broken the seal, as they say, whoever they are... after a few margaritas.

b. also, i like in that picture how it looks like the two ladies in the back are looking at how freakishly tall meghan is.

3. that bouquet is the bees knees!

Katelin said...

1. love your shoes and i'm pretty sure i have them in black.
2. love that magic of love themed shower, way too funny and cute.
3. you're fabulous.
4. if you don't mind sharing, out of curiosity, where are you guys getting married? i only wonder because matt and i are having a hell of a time finding a place in the LA/Pasadena area.
5. did i already say you're fabulous?

Yasi said...

I would just like to say "fruit kabob monster thing". That's all.

mindy said...

Your dress is PURTY!