Monday, October 6, 2008


On Saturday, I woke up early, eager to tackle a number of household chores before setting off to meet Shannon for lunch and then to (eek!) go to my dentist appointment. As I walked from my bedroom to the living room, I was overcome by the irresistible urge to nestle into the couch and bury myself under a blanket.

The living room also seemed darker than usual. And the floor felt cold on my bare feet.

"Wait a second..." I narrowed my eyes and made my way over to the front door. I flung it open, took a few steps outside, and a cold breeze hit my face. The sky was overcast. The air was chilly.

For the first time since March, we were getting a solid dose of perfect cozy snuggle weather.

Sadly, I had miles to go before I snugged. So I got dressed for the day ahead, but allowed myself one early-autumn indulgence: the wool scarf.

Ah, I love a good scarf. They make any outfit look infinitely cuter and more stylish. And in southern California, where it never gets too cold, scarves are the perfect way to get dressed up for wintry warmth, while still wearing a light jacket and ballet flats.

As I drove to Beverly Hills to meet my friend for lunch, I was admittedly a bit too toasty in my wool scarf. And it started to itch. But I refused to take it off. So, at red lights, I squirmed. And panted a little. And put my window down to get some fresh air on my flushed face.

It sounds stupid that I was putting myself through this for a stupid scarf, but you don't understand. It's been so effing hot for months! And I grew up in a very cold and cloudy land far far away from here. I am not used to such heat. I need scarves! And gloves! And adorable winter hats!

By the time I'd finished lunch and, later, the worst dentist appointment in history (this just in: my teeth are rotting out of my face), I hadn't had enough of the cool temps. So, still numbed up and fussy from the drilling and cleaning, I wandered around the streets of Beverly Hills, window shopping. Finally, at 5pm, I realized the shoppers and tourists were all going home, and so I walked back to my car and made the drive home as well.

Today it is 84 degrees and sunny. Oh well...


JenBun said...

Southern California weather is crazy.

But fall is almost here!

You can tell because the Christmas decorations are already out in stores.

Tia said...

seriously, WHEN is it going to cool off?


nicoleantoinette said...

Ugh. Agreed on the wanting cool weather and time for scarves.

You know who said...

from the other side of the country . . . it was 32 degrees here this morning. there was frost on my lawn and my car, and I'm immediately distraught with the idea of snowbrushes and winter boots.

I'm ready to move to a land where snuggly cold (love that term, ps) happens regularly but is the coldest it gets all year, and winter accessories can stay cute (as they should be), instead of menacing. Does anyone know of such a land? Northern CA, perhaps?

surviving myself said...

One must suffer sometimes for the sake of looking fabulous.


I do believe that was the most feminine comment I've ever left.

Katelin said...

i really wish fall would get here sooner, i miss my sweaters too. too bad it's 95 today. freaking so cal.

Anonymous said...

I'm waitingk for your Hills recap.


miss clover said...


mindy said...

What constitutes "cold" there? Because this morning when I walked out my door in a t-shirt, it was 35 degrees.