Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ew, Facebook. You're gross.

Some of the more annoying things about Facebook (aside from my inability to navigate its realms) (and the site's existence in the first place) are the ads that pop up along the right hand side of the page. Invisible Facebook gremlins have spied on my profile (I only wanted my 238 friends to see it!) and posted ads for products and services for which I am the targeted audience.

They've seen that I'm Status: Engaged (which sounds like warfare weapons lingo) and so have presented me with 200 different ads for wedding photographers and honeymoon destinations, etc.

But today they have crossed the line and entered WTF? territory.

Facebook Ad Gremlins, are you suggesting that my mattress contains pounds do I say this... sex fluids? Really? Lingering from ex girlfriends. Really? Way to tap into unfounded paranoia.

Nice picture, btw. She's all, "Hope you like the cake, Darling. I'm so glad we're not rolling around in filth any more. Wheee!"


kat said...

Yay for all your posts this week -- I should call you out more blog dereliction more often! And as for these facebook ads, I am speechless. Everything I ever saw as an engaged person was of the subtle, "Lose 500 pounds or don't blame us when he leaves you at the altar" variety. It drove me crazy at the time, but now I'm just thankful I didn't get nailed by the scummy-cummy mattress brigade.

Felicia said...

And they're totally interracial to appeal to all sorts of couples around the world! How innovative!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I read a really gross book ages ago that was all about the nasty microscopic bugs that live in, on, and around us. Your bed and pillows gain that much weight, not so much from sex fluids, but rather from microscopic things that live in your bed, their fecal matter, and their dead bodies.

Mmm, sleep well!

- Anne

Princess of the Universe said...


DinnerWithLove said...

That's so disgusting! Just logged onto facebook and one of the ads that showed up for me was a free chili dog. HOW DID THEY KNOW?!

Hollywood Sucker said...

kat- Yes thanks for the ol' kick in the ass.

felicia- Men of every race have skanky ex girlfriends.

anonymous anne- You would know that.

Princess- Exactly.

dinner- Now if only your computer would serve you the chili dog. I predict in our lifetime we will have the technology.

Katelin said...

yeah i've been getting all sorts of random ads on facebook now that i'm engaged too. it's pretty hilarious. i think my favorite was 'win a engagement ring' or something like that. like umm already got that, what's next?

miss minneapolis said...

I am upset about this post. UPSET. Ewwww!