Thursday, October 29, 2009

These Are The People in My Neighborhood, In My Neighborhood

Halloween is my second favorite holiday (behind Thanksgiving, of course), and even though I'm not throwing my usual ginormous Halloween party (wedding planning has sucked all of my hostess powers for at least a few months), I'm still very much in the spirit of things!

And so are my neighbors. Avid readers of this blog (all 3 of you) might remember last year's post on the extremely enthusiastic Halloween displays in my 'hood. This year, things pretty much look the same, but I'd like to show you some of the new additions.

First up is the lawn on the corner, which last year, in a tribute to capital punishment, had not only a hanging man, but also a frying one.

Well, this year I guess they had a change of heart because the poor bastard in the electric chair has been replaced by a hip rock trio I call the Bone-as Brothers.

Then up the road is the wonder house that last year provided us with, among other things, a mad bunny driving a hearse on the front lawn.

This year, they've expanded well beyond their yard, over the sidewalk and onto the street, where the hearse is now parked instead.

In addition to wondering why the City of Los Angeles is fine with its residents leaving coffins in the streets, I also wondered if the Funeral Parking Only sign was stolen from

A. A funeral these people had attended
B. The funeral of a stranger

And which of the above scenarios is worse?

At the front end of the hearse is a pair of feet sticking out from below.

The really scary thing about this portion of the display is that when I first drove by, for a second I really thought someone was hurt and lying in the street. But even more disturbing is my initial reaction of "Oh, well, er, I have to get to work, so."

And even MORE disturbing than my indifference to injured pedestrians is my choice of pants for a morning walk.

Sorry fellas, I'm taken!


Anonymous said...

I hope I am counted as one of the three avid readers of your blog! And the hearse is really well done this year. But what do they do on street cleaning days?

- Anne

Anonymous said...

I DO remember the post from last year.

Also, nice work on "Bone-as Brothers."

Anonymous said...

Just finished all of your archives...hysterical. Keep up the geat work! Now you have 4 avid readers. Heard about you from Kat at Pinkindiaink. -k.

Rachael said...

I like your pajama pants

Anonymous said...

holla back.. i have those same exact pj pants