Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ok, Ok, I Give Up

I have some news:

I know that I was fighting it. Fighting it for far too long. But lately I noticed that when I admitted I didn't have a facebook account I was met with looks of disgust and confusion. As though I'd just told them I eat poo and sew all of my own clothes.

Moreover, I realized I was missing out on some good stalking.

And so today I signed up. Within 4 seconds I was confronted with a page of 55 profiles of people I apparently knew through one channel or another. "Would you like to send friend requests?" I was asked. Ok, sure. But HOW did facebook know that these people were my friends?

I checked off a bunch of boxes and then skipped over all of the hobbies and interests section and then ta-da, I was a facebooker.

I didn't know what exactly I was supposed to do at this point, so I just decided to ignore everything for now and check my gmail account.

And oh hey! 4 people already accepted my friend requests. And someone wrote on my wall. And Devin updated my relationship status and I needed to verify it, or something.  Man this facebook is like quicksand!

So I followed a link in my email to try to respond to whatever facebook wanted me to respond to but then I was just led to my homepage which was like a little patchwork quilt of pictures and words and cool kid facebook slang that I don't comprehend. I felt a knot in my stomach.

This week on Brotherhood, Mrs. Caffee, a senior citizen, gets a new prescription from her doctor, but learns that her healthcare plan requires her to go through a phone service to order it. There's a scene where she is reduced to tears because the automated system on the phone is too unfamiliar for her. 

I felt like that.

Anyway, if you'd like to validate my questionable decision to sign up, please be my guest.  Friend me.   I'd send you a link for how to get to my profile, but I have no idea how that works.


Anonymous said...

I love the crap out of Brotherhood.

nicoleantoinette said...

Ha, I'm glad you friended me and would be happy to detail the wonders of facebook anytime :)

surviving myself said...

I knew you would cave.

JenBun said...

Can we just be blogfriends?

I still think Facebook is a cult...

rs27 said...

I write comments on my own wall to make me seem popular.

This is sad.

Katelin said...

i'm such a facebook addict, it's bad.

So@24 said...

I'm proud of you. This is a big girl step.

miss clover said...

i can't believe you caved. i'm disappointed.

my word verification is "trapou".

enough said.

Miss. said...

Hahaha, even parents I know are making the step!

(yes, and it is very useful to finding out what everyone is up to...without having to talk to them.)
Not that I would know :P

Julie_Gong said...

wait your name is briana? not hollywood or sucker?