Monday, November 10, 2008

Say Hello To My New Pal

Election night was full of fun surprises. And the biggest surprise of all came late in the evening when our neighbor returned home from a party with a bigger than life size Barack Obama cardboard cut out.

Here it is. It's like 7 feet tall.

And a close up. Look at that handsome face.

When Mr. Obama arrived at our door, we had only the screen door open. There was a knock knock, and I looked up to see him standing there. It startled and confused me. Our neighbors remained out of view as the President Elect stood at our door. All I could think was, "Is he personally thanking all of the voters?" I couldn't process that this was a cardboard object, and not a person. I think I was getting tired.

The neighbors brought him inside and then there was the telling of the story of how it came into their possession. And then the taking of the pictures for facebook use.

And then we didn't know what to do with it. We wanted to leave Barack somewhere in plain view, at least for a week or so. But, it turned out, there was nowhere in the entire apartment that we could put him that wouldn't cause you to jump out of your skin when you entered the room. That first night alone I scared myself senseless about 10 times. I think I actually screamed on a few occasions. I'd come inside from walking Seamus or go to the kitchen to get a drink and then HELLO! there he is again.

By this point I've gotten used to his presence and placed him in what's turned out to be the least upsetting location in the apartment.

Except that he watches when I walk out from the bathroom after I take a shower.


Anonymous said...

I feel like Obama standing outside your bathroom should lead to an "Audacity of Soap" joke but I am tired.

Wonder-Rachel said...

My sister had young Elvis in black leather when I was a teenager. He watched me coming out of the shower too. What is it with cardboard men & wet girls?

raych said...

My dad picked up a James Dean cutout from a garage sale one day. I walked into the room where he was and literally shat my pants. And then I ran to change my panties

Sarah said...

He needs to meet Cardboard Ryan.

gunn said...

Watching wet girls come out of the shower. It's a guy thing.
It's really not that hard to understand.

Tia said...

i think it would be comforting to have him around.

and, really, he's like the husband/boyfriend you always wanted, but never had.

you ask "can we go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant?" and he says "yes we can!"

you ask "can we go on vacation to italy?" "yes we can!"


surviving myself said...

You should put him in a window, facing out, so that everyone thinks Obama is watching their every move.

Hollywood Sucker said...

peter- Oh my god that's great!

wonder-rachel- Pervs!

raych- but that's one handsome cutout

sarah- Maybe one day everyone will have cardboard Ryans in their homes

gunn- Who are you watching come out of the shower?

tia- You're brilliant!

surviving- But he really is watching everyone already.

Katelin said...

haha that is awesome.

JenBun said...

I love it.

I would take SO many pictures.

And then just hang out with him.