Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay, it went right.

Which is good, because I don't have to move to outer space. My costume was too tight anyway. It was hella uncomf.

When I heard the election results I just sighed and said "Thank God." Then I heard other people in my office/loft building cheering.

Shortly thereafter I drove home. All through the streets I could hear cheers coming from apartments. Much better than the riots I anticipated if McCain won.

Speaking of him, I feel a little bad. I mean, I'm extremely glad he didn't win. But it's sad to lose. And unlike George Dubs, I don't think McCain is rotten to the core. I think he just hangs with the wrong crowd.

Also, I hope Sarah Palin feels like a jackass. She should. And did anyone see that footage of her voting in Alaska? She was wearing a ratty winter coat. You're on TV, woman! Pull yourself together.

My favorite moment of Obama's victory speech came after he'd finished. First Biden walked out on stage. And then a few minutes later, about 20 family members. They stood around awkwardly hugging for a while. Can you imagine if the first 10 minutes of your family's Christmas party took place on stage in front of the world? It was like that.

And then, Michelle Obama's mom, in the midst of all of this excitement about her son-in-law, pulled Michelle to her, pointed toward the crowd, and said, "Look! There's Oprah!"


surviving myself said...

Palin totally wore that jacket to look like "a woman of the people." When in reality she just looked like a bum. A warm bum yes, but still a bum.

I said warm bum.

I'm sorry - I have the maturity of a 12 year-old.

Paula said...

I spent the last few months being totally apathetic about the election, mainly since I'm not American, and then suddenly last night I was like "Woohoo - I'm gonna jump on the Obama bandwagon!" I'm glad I did - and I'm so glad he won!

Felicia said...

Whatevs, Palin had to give back all her Minnesota bought Saks Fifth Ave clothes the second Obama won Ohio. She probably looked like Cinderella when the clock struck 12.

Katelin said...

haha i definitely did not see the "look there's oprah" part, i seriously hope she did that. you know the whole family's going to be on oprah soon. love it.

JenBun said...

It was all amaaaaazing.

I thought McCain's speech was very gracious. But Obama's? I have no words.

Anonymous said...

McCain, during his speech, actually sounded like the guy that people liked.

The 2000 version of himself.

Meggie said...

Did anyone else see one of the family members trip over the American flag on her way out to the stage? I had to rewind the Tivo to watch it again - hilarious!

devin said...

"hella uncomf."

I don't even know you.

And, yes, McCain is rotten to the core.

devin said...
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saratogajean said...

Oprah has that effect on people.

adriana said...

Just found your blog linked on Cleveland's a Plum and had to chime in that I love this post. I felt the same about McCain and Palin!

Wonder-Rachel said...

I wish I'd heard cheering and celebration in my town. Maybe it was because I was stuck working in my home office (well, I heard cheering from my husband and myself... maybe that counts) but I think the lack of cheering was really due to my neighbors mostly being disappointed. Sad I know. I really need to move to a blue state.

Anonymous said...

The second they announced Ohio to Obama, I turned to my girlfriend and said "Obama's just become our president." She didn't believe me; I think she was a little terrified that Sarah was going to be our VP to do the electoral math.

McCain made a remarkable speech at the end - but that could not undo three primary blunders which were basically picking Palin instead of say, Tom Ridge, betting the farm on Pennsylvania instead of Florida, and those economy-is-sound remarks he made on September 15. And frankly, I don't want someone who makes that many basic mistakes before a guy gets the job he's applying for, as the leader of the free world. I already spent the last eight years thinking I could take the President two out of three in tic-tac-toe. With a game to spare.

/rant ... GoBama!

Hollywood Sucker said...

surviving- Haha. Bum.

paula- Oh hey welcome to the bandwagon. Here, let me pour you a drink.

felicia- Oh, the walk of shame.

katelin- She really did it! I read her lips!

jenbun- Yeah, I can't remember anything he said but I remember being happy.

peter- I know, it's tragic. And yet...oh well!

meggie- i always miss the good stuff

devin- Well.

saratoga- She should get a position in the cabinet.

adriana- Oh hello!

wonder-rachel- Yes hurry! Get out now while you still have your dignity!

sonny- I wish I could know as much as you do. I'm just like "yay!"