Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SOME PEOPLE suck at life

Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to write about. Part of the reason for this is that I actually like my job. I'm satisfied. And none of the people that I work with are the kind of cranky shitheads that make for good blog stories. In fact, I really like everyone I work with. Indeed, no one ever talks about the sunshine.

That's why it is fantastic that I've taken on job #2. Now I've got a job I can whine about.

At the end of Sunday's shift, the catering manager guy --I don't know his title, let's call him Sven --told me to email him with my start and end times for the day. So on Monday I emailed him "1:45 to 7:45pm." There. Done and done.

Wait. No. Then Sven emails me "Just wondering why you say 1:45 when you were supposed to start at 2."

I roll my eyes and email back. "Ok well then I started at 2. No big deal." Damn, there goes my extra $3.

"Well why did you say 1:45 when you started at 2?" Oh my god.

"Because the shift leader wrote down 1:45 on that little blue piece of paper she was carrying around and so I thought I would just be consistent with what she said. But we agreed on 2 so put 2. It's fine."

"I'm not concerned with what we agreed on, but did you start at 1:45 or 2." Are you kidding me?

"I guess thinking about it, it was closer to 2. Thanks for looking into it!" See how I try to end on a positive note? I still want him to like me.

It sure seems like that should be the end of it. But wait, there's more! Today I see I have another email from him. Oh boy! He wants me for another job. Yay, I'm rich! Adios, Back Monkey!

Not so fast. It's really a mass email sent to everyone who worked on Sunday, reminding them to email him with their hours. "For the clock out time, include whatever time your shift leader wrote on his/her blue time sheet." But then, the kicker. "For your start time, please put whatever start time we agreed on. SOME PEOPLE are telling me they started at 1:45 when they really started at 2. The explanation they gave was that this is what the shift leader had written down on their blue time sheets. Does this make sense to any of you? Didn't think so."

What. The. Fuck. And why am I the moron for writing what my shift leader wrote as a start time, when he is instructing me to go by what she wrote as an end time? MAN OH MAN is it hard not to write back and tell him to blow me.


Inono said...

Ugh, I HATE that kind of stuff! How arbitrary! And what can you do, nothing, cause he is in charge!!

A Lover and a Fighter said...

That guy is an a hole. Also, how neat that you have a bilingual back monkey. You are just the most exotic person I know.

Peter said...

When I meet people like that I am typically a little amused. I wonder how many wolves were in the pack that they were clearly raised by.

However, the amusement turns to white hot rage pretty quickly.