Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And so they named him Seamus

The dog's name is Seamus. Pronounced Shay-mus, of course. I've had to correct a few people so far who think we've named the dog something that sounds like semen. Doesn't everyone read Gaelic?

He has a Seamus face. It suits him.

Oh, and that picture I had to go on? Inaccurate. Don't get me wrong, he's still devastatingly handsome, but he is about 3 times the size of the dog in that picture. He is like a grown up already. When I got home on Friday night, eager to meet him, I could hear Devin saying "Mommy's home!" as I approached the door. I expected to see a clumsy pup come bounding into the living room, perhaps slipping a bit on the hardwood floor. Instead, this tank rounds the corner in the hallway and nearly gives me a heart attack.

Why don't I have a new picture to show you? I tried. Believe me. I know this whole thing would be better with one. I spent the morning chasing Seamus around the apartment, but he's dark and kept going into shadowy spaces, and he just wouldn't sit still. I was late to work because of this endeavor. Do you see what I do for you people?

Devin is completely enamored with Seamus already. He is very attentive to his sleeping/eating/crapping needs. And he plays with him and talks to him and brings him everywhere. I wasn't present when Devin and Seamus first met, but I imagine the moment to be reminiscent of the scene in Raising Arizona where Nicolas Cage has just kidnapped the baby and he hands it over to Holly Hunter, who clutches it to her, and immediately begins sobbing uncontrollably, wailing, "I love him so mu-u-u-u-uch!" Yeah, it was like that.

And while the two of them have bonded, I'm still getting there. Seamus is undeniably a sweet little guy. And he really seems to like me a whole lot. The other morning he hung out with me in the bathroom while I did my hair and makeup. And yesterday when I got home, he was really excited to see me. Yes, it's safe to say he is winning me over. But I don't really know how to pet dogs. This sounds dumb, I know. See, I'm very used to cats. You just scoop them up and then rub the sides of their tiny little faces while you hold them. Or you pet the length of their sides while they stretch out and lie on the floor. But Seamus comes up and I just tentatively pet his side. And then he immediately turns and starts licking my hand. So I retract it and try to pat his head, thinking his tongue won't be able to reach me up there. Of course, that's not the case. Also, he smells like dog, and so then I end up smelling like dog. I'm just not exactly used to him.

Nor are the cats, who I think will take a very long time to warm to him. Sarge has been living under the bed for the past few days. This morning he ventured out, mistakenly thinking Seamus was out for a walk with Devin. Poor thing got quite a scare. And Midge the Cat just hates him. When he first walked into the apartment she gave him a good punch in the face. She's one tough old broad.

So a few growing pains, but lucky for Seamus, I am a serious animal lover. Also, he is really stinkin cute. Did I mention that?


Anonymous said...

oh he'll win you over alright, and right after that he'll pee in your shoe.

Kris said...

oooo, i can't wait to meet him. i promise i won't mess up his name. i wish i were a fly on the wall so i could see the cats and doggy interact. one day they will all love one another dearly!

Hollywood Sucker said...

survivingmyself- This is like the fifth time you've told me that my dog is going to pee inappropriately. And guess what...hasn't happened. Face it, my dog rules, sucker!

kris- You don't want to see the cats and dogs interact. They are all miserable. Midge growls at him, which seems tough, but it's really because she is scared. And then he starts to whimper because he's just a baby is frightened. It's a sad, sad scene.

Corinne said...

Ok, from an eternal dog person, here are some rules of thumb:

Dogs like to be petted period, and like to be scratched more than cats do. They especially like to be scratched behind their ears, and if you slowly massage the tips of their ears, on the inside, it tends to calm them down. If they totally trust you, they will roll on their backs and expose their tummies to you, similar to cats, and if you scratch the right spot -- usually on the nerves on the sides of the tummy above the thigh, they will move their leg up and down. This is a doggie instinct.

Lesse.. Dogs are easy to train..usually. You'll find that they will respond to certain words after a while, especially "walk". You can also train them to do other things and you don't need to use treats..dogs are suckers for affection.

Dogs sense emotion -- you'll find Seamus will respond to you according to how he senses you feel. If you're sad, he'll probably show you more attention. If you're angry, he'll become more agitated. If you're energetic, he'll mimic that too.

Btw..the doggie smell is normal, but you can do things to make lessen it. Monthly baths aren't a bad idea, and often at times, the smell comes from their mouths. Many dog owners don't know this, but it is recommended to have a vet clean and check their teeth every six months or so. Also, and this may sound weird, but you can actually buy doggie toothpaste and brush his teeth -- it's good for him and it makes a world of difference smell-wise!

So jealous!

JenBun said...

Ahhh, the joys of pet-ownership, particularly of being a doggy mommy.

They make 'em cute so you don't kill 'em!

Every dog I have ever had has LOVED to have his/her butt scratched. Sounds gross, but it's really their rump-- above the tail, the end of their back, really. Just scratch away and they will be in heaven.

I particularly like to play with my puppy's silky ears. No clue if she likes it, but she tolerates all my odd behaviors. That's one of the other awesome things about her (and dogs in general)-- because we live so closely together, she's really in tune with me, my schedule, and how I feel. Sometimes, it's just nice to know she's there... if only for the food.

Can't wait to hear more about your "baby"! :)

Peter said...

The "Raising Arizona" reference is awesome.

My grandmother spoke Gaelic. I only ever learned how to say "Kiss my ass." Which, really, shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

famous last words my internet friend...

J-Money said...

My first priest's name was Seamus. I hope that the phrase "NO SEAMUS! NOT ON THE SOFA!" was never shouted in his direction. Although I do remember a vaguely doggy smell...

Inono said...

Raising Arizona is my favorite movie ever! I have such a crush on Nicolas Cage, soley because of that movie (weird, I know. But then again, you've met my boyfriends, I like rednecks.)

I can't wait to meet Seamus!!!

devin said...

I beg to differ - having been home sick the last two days, i'm happy to report that Seamus and Midge are getting along swimmingly. She's especially psyched that he keeps Sarge under the bed and not jumping on her from elevated hiding spots.

And I took him to get bathed/groomed today. Now, he smells like a clean dog.

Pog mo thoin!

Hollywood Sucker said...

Corinne- Toothpaste. Noted.

Jenbun- Buttscratching. Got it.

Peter- My grandma taught me some "Polish phrases" which I later learned were just nonsense polish words that didn't translate.

survivingmyself- Shma shma shma.

j-money- Funny you should bring that up. We actually named him after your first priest.

inono- I know, he's hot. I think I have a crush on him from Matchstick Men, though he's cuter in R.A.

devin- I'll pog yo thoin any time.

cOm said...

i'm an auntie!

just me said...

I love the name Seamus, but I could never name my kid that.

He would get teased mercilessly. Without end.

mindy said...

Still no luck getting a picture??

Hollywood Sucker said...

Com- Yes. So you should start sending him gifts. He says he wants cash.

Just Me- I have heard it's a very popular kid name these days.

Mindy- I DID try. Last night I took one of him, but he was sleeping, and on my crumby low res camera phone he just looked dead.