Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Yesterday afternoon, I took a late, slightly drawn out lunch break to shop at Marshalls for a few new things to wear for my trip this weekend. By the time I was returning to the street where I work, I was all red faced and sweaty from the heat (like 85!) and also kinda, sorta really late. I parked my car on the street because our parking lot is really sketchy and I suspect that ne'er-do-wells lurk under the cars, holding knives in their teeth like Captain Hook's pirates.

So I'm half-running back to the office, when I see this kid walking in the middle of the street up ahead. I slow down, for some reason. And then he starts to walk toward me. He must be like 6 and he's carrying this little wooden box. Oh dear. He's going to try to sell me something. Oh I can't say no! (Also I'm sort of hoping he's peddling bags of peanut m&ms because those would hit the spot right about now.)

"Would you like to buy an Easter card for charity?" he mumbles shyly. Well isn't he just precious. And when is Easter, btw? I have no idea. Maybe I should buy a card. "It's one dollar," he says.

"Uh. Sure." And I beging rummaging in my purse for a dollar bill. Seeing as I have cash on me about .2% percent of the time, I wasn't surprised when I couldn't find a single freakin' bill in my wallet. But I had lots of change floating around in there and so I dug up four quarters. (And parting with quarters in these paying for laundry times is a grand gesture, let me tell you...)

By the time I had all of the quarters in my hand and looked back down at him, he was holding out the card for me. It was homemade. All white, with the face of a dog drawn on it with black marker and a little speech bubble coming out of its mouth saying "Happy Easter."


So part of me was like, "Cute! He's making his own cards and selling them. How productive and artistic."

And then, honestly, part of me wanted to revoke my offer and lecture him about making false claims about charities. But of course, I didn't. I'm not a jerk. I get that it's better to support his efforts. I bought his little card and we went our separate ways.

When I told a coworker about this encounter (because I feel the need to tell everybody everything that happens to me in order to share my wondrous life with the world), he suggested that perhaps the kid was only earning 10 cents on that dollar and forced to give the rest to some drug lord. So, apparently, the reality of the situation is some combination of these three things:

1. I am tragically naive.
2. The world is worse off than I'd originally suspected.
3. My coworker grew up on The Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

And this whole experience got me thinking about the way we as adults react to kids selling things. I can recall my sister and I, sitting at the end of our driveway when we were like 8 and 6, selling snow cones made from our Snoopy snow cone maker. And nobody bought them. Or when we painted rocks that we'd collected from Myrtle Beach and tried to sell them --considering them works of art on imported stone-- and nobody bought them. And then as I got older and had the ability to grow bitter, I'd walk from door to door selling candy to raise money for marching band, and one neighbor after the next would say no and I'd wonder why they couldn't find it in their hearts to buy some stupid candy just to save me from having to walk away from their house feeling bad about myself. Seriously, you give me one lousy dollar and you get to enjoy a king size pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That's 4 cups. You can eat them all now, or eat them later. You can put half of them in your freezer. You can give them to your grandkids for snack time and then they will love you even more. Just buy my fucking candy you assholes!

In fact, the only time I didn't have a hard time in sales was when I was a girl scout. Everyone wanted to buy cookies. They'd order themselves 20 boxes. "I freeze them so I can eat them year round," they'd say. Hoarding food like bears preparing for hibernation. And so they throw their money at the girl scouts. Devoted customers year after year even though the price per box consistently increases and even though they keep changing the names of things and even though they sometimes get rid of the good cookies and replace them with weird lowfat ones that are always lemon flavored. Who the fuck craves lemon? Have you ever heard a woman say, "God, I have my period this week. I seriously need some lemon heads." No. You haven't. Which is why they need to make more chocolate flavored cookies. But they don't care what YOU want.

You know who does care? The other kids who are selling m&ms and kit kats and crunch bars. But your dollars are too good for them. You're saving up for the girl scout cookie feast.

Anyway, my point is: Give a kid a fucking break and buy something once in a while. It's good for their work ethic. Maybe if more people had bought stuff from me when I was a kid (and maybe if I drank less these days) I wouldn't have lost my desire to work hard.

Also, would anyone like an Easter card? I've got to give this thing to someone to get my money's worth.

UPDATE: My sister Katie requested to see the card. Here it is. Not bad, eh? Better than my artwork.


percillamaymarshmellow said...

Take a picture of the card and post it. I want to see it. I get suckered into buying everthing. I was at Starbucks the other day and the employee kid asked me if I wanted to donate 55 cents and I just said, fine, and then as I handed him my giftcard to pay I asked, wait, what is the 55 cents for? And he's like, oh we're having a contest to see who can sell more shots of espresso to win an i-phone. And i'm like, but my iced tea doesn't have a shot of espresso in it. He's like, yea but you can still donate to be nice. What nerve! As if Starbucks needs "donations." Plus, I want an i-phone too and now I'm 55 cents away from one. Anddd I didn't even get the espresso shot.

Inono said...

I have never seen a kid selling candy that was less than $3. If it was $1 I'd be more than happy to help, but I am not spending $3 on a candy bar that I can buy for 44 cents!

surviving myself said...

i obviously disagree with this.

but i will say that snoopy snow cone makers were awesome.

Hollywood Sucker said...

percilla- Ok, yeah that's not a worthy cause. Eff him.

inono-really? maybe you need to come shop at my crappy Ralphs then.

survivingmyself- I thought about your post on this topic as I was writing...and I knew you'd disagree but I thought the difference is that this was a cute youngster who made something, and not a teenager with a possible criminal record who likely stole the candy. eh? eh?

devin said...

i think that card is teriffic. i would like it and will pay you $2 for it, so you can feel good and make a profit, too. Did it ever occur to you that this kid was selling cards that he made himself and donating the money to charity as a nice thing to do, you know, for like... Easter. it's not like he was one of those pimped kids selling obviously stolen bottles of Gatorade for $1 when we were in nyc.

margottt said...

when i was four i used to sing that whitney houston song on cue because i was convinced i was going to be famous and that my vh1 special would interview my parents about it...

don't think its going to happy :(

margottt said...


surviving myself said...

ok - that's true.

and do you have any snow cones left?

cherry please.

nicoleantoinette said...

My years in NYC made me a complete unfeeling hardass in regard to kids who sell things.

I'm like "you aren't selling those candy bars for your basketball team. Stop trying to get me to fund your drug addiction."

And then I think, "fuck, when did I get so cynical?"

I'm glad to be back in the suburbs with corner lemonade stands to buy from during the summer.

JenBun said...

I am familiar with your sales disappointments. This is why I stop at EVERY lemonade stand I see, EVER. Annoying to others? Sometimes. But that $0.50-Dixie-cup full of warm, lemon-flavored water (what? is sugar extra?) shuts them RIGHT UP.

The card is lovely and you should display it proudly. Or give it to Devin for being so positive and optimistic about this kid's charity-donating propensities.

Finally, the words "I feel the need to tell everybody everything that happens to me in order to share my wondrous life with the world" add up to the best reason to have a blog. EVER!

Hollywood Sucker said...

devin- Oh shoot, you're right. He could have been selling cards to give the money to charity. If only I wasn't in such a hurry, could've asked.
And I will give you the card since you like it.

margot- There's still time! And there's still karaoke!

surviving- Coming right up!

nicole- Being cynical is exhausting. I find it much easier to be an idiot.

jenbun- Thank you for being on my team!

Anonymous said...

You are a fantastic storyteller.

I think "Just buy my fucking candy you assholes!" would be a great marketing campaign sign for any kind of stand. I would buy something from a stand that read that.

J-Money said...

Re: The Easter Card

Why does the dog have a spider on its mouth? And, if it is in fact a spider, why is his reaction "Happy Easter?"

Also, Easter should be capitalized.

These are things I would have pointed out to the little peddler. Lessons about life's disappointments are more valuable than a dollar.

This is why I will never have kids. And why my car is frequently keyed.

Phil said...

I also am tragically naive. But I generally always support kids, so I'm totally with you there.

Kelly said...

So I went to high school with Devin, and he linked all his myspace people to your blog, which has now become a part of my daily slacking-at-work routine. I felt the need to come out of lurker-dom here, however, to point out that I think the dog in question just might be a rabbit. It is easter, after all, and those are some long ears and some bunny-esque whiskers for your average dog.

Also, I would have bought the card, too. though I often feel the need to lecture people about the ethics of fundraising and the lack of worth of paying for a good or service instead of just giving your whole dollar to charity, I can't say no to anyone asking for money for anything that claims, even feebly, to be a charity. Cheers to being a naive and hapless sucker!

Peter said...

That card is cute. I'd buy it too.

Of course, I'd probably buy a kick in the nuts if it was a little kid selling it.

I wouldn't pay more than 4 bucks though.

A Lover and a Fighter said...

Maybe he was making the cards himself and donating the proceeds to charity? My mom, because she's a hard ass, sometimes made us EARN the money for the church collection plate. I sold my "inventions" which were things like Eyedrop Dispensers made out of popsicle sticks and glitter (worst idea ever- everyone got the Ole Glitter Eye) and puppets, and later switched to issuing tickets to kids on my street and collecting the fines. Kind of like utilising the Free Parking option in Monopoly.

Or he was a wee baby crackhead.

Julie_Gong said...

Um, this might be the best post ever.

Hollywood Sucker said...

Nico- Thank you! And I wish I could make a career out of using "Just buy my fucking __________ you assholes!" for any product known to man.

J-Money- I make stupid faces when I'm being serious, which is the real reason I didn't want to lecture the tike.

Phil- Welcome to Team Space Cadet.

Kelly- Thanks for reading! Also, I think you might be right and it is a rabbit...eeek. Hopefully the kid doesn't read my blog or I'd hurt his feelings.

Peter- I know someone who'll kick you in the nuts for $2.50.

lover/fighter- Boyfriend had the same suggestion, that he was maybe earning the money to give to charity. Maybe you two should date instead. I'm obviously much too surly.

julie- Um, best comment ever!

mindy said...

One time I was at Leann Chin when a teenager approached me with a box of candy. He gave me a speech about how if I bought some candy from him, the proceeds would go toward a charity that gets youth out of gangs. I figured "what the hell! I like chocolate, I don't like gangs!" So I gave him a buck or whatever and got my candy. Then he approached everyone else in the restaurant. When he finally got enough money, do you know what he did? He walked up to the counter and ordered himself some sweet & sour chicken! I couldn't believe it. That's why I don't buy things from kids anymore. Although a 6 year old with a hand-drawn card would probably change that.

Anonymous said...

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Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

That easter card is damned adorable. I would have bought one too.

Felix for Zosia said...

This post has inspired me to share some words of wisdom that inexplicably are going around and around in my head:

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I'll live as I believe.
No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity.

Hollywood Sucker said...

mindy- Maybe he was going to take the food to a homeless person? Ok, ok. He just sucks.

anonymous- You sure do have a lot to say. You should get your own blog.

joy- I'll get you one. Maybe I can get a discount for being a frequent customer.

felix- Lets go sing this at karaoke.

Stockmoose16 said...

This post was hilarious. Love the card.

Anonymous said...

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