Friday, April 4, 2008

Rock the Cradle

Hi friends. I know, I haven't written about the new Hills and I probably never will.

BECAUSE I am writing for I'm assigned to do recaps of all of the episodes of Rock the Cradle, the new show on MTV.

So if you've got the time. Check me out!


Inono said...

Hi. I'm your friend who likes to give you advice. Except my advice is usually telling you to do stuff that you've already done. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

devin said...


cOm said...

so proud.

margottt said...

congrats on the gig. did i ever tell you that i hung out during two sessions of the filming of the hills (you may have read it on the blog) anywayyy look for me on this season... i haven't been watching yet I gotta get on that. sweeet :)

Felicia said...

Awesome, congrats!

surviving myself said...

please remember us small time guys now that you've hit it big.


Peter said...

Congratulations! And nice work.

Hollywood Sucker said...

inono- Great minds think alike!

devin- Yay!

com- Thank you!

margott- OMG I must read about this immediately!

felicia- Thank you!

surviving- Oh pa-lease. I've hardly made it big...yet.

peter- thank you!